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People never believe me when I say this, but when I found out that R Heritage Farm was going to be at my farmer's market, I literally got a little tear in my eye. I don't eat meat because I don't agree with the way most animals are raised in this country, and when I saw the website for this farm I was overwhelmed. Finally a farm that does it right!

Ben and Monique are dedicated to giving their animals the most humane existence possible, even going so far as having special GMO-free feed made for their livestock. When I talk to them I can tell they really care for their animals.

I still don't eat meat, but when my family does, it's pork, chicken, or turkey from R Heritage Farm.

   ~B. Idol


So glad I was introduced to you and so glad you are raising such high quality animals.


   ~P. Goldberg


Thank you for doing what you do!


   ~M. Kjosness