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Meet & Greet at Whole Foods - Supporting Cascade Harvest Coalition

Posted 4/9/2013 4:17pm by Monique Russ.

Ben @ Whole Foods

Yesterday my husband, Ben, joined Cascade Harvest Coalition at the Lynnwood Whole Foods Market to help promote our farm and the work of Cascade Harvest Coalition (CHC). Ben spent his time discussing our farm, the Puget Sound Farm Guide, and the fantastic work CHC does for our region.

Sheryl Wiser at Cascade Harvest Coalition has been instrumental in helping us get our name “out there.” She’s given me advice on social networking, how to present our farm and products, provided us with networking opportunities, public exposure via special events, and has passed on program information to help make our farm more successful. This is what CHC is all about – helping farmers succeed by providing them with the tools to do so, and by connecting "farmers to farmers, farmers to markets, and farmers to eaters.”

CHC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to “re-localizing”food by connecting consumers and producers. Many people are not aware how easy it is to buy local farm fresh food, and CHC does a great job of educating the public thru various means. One way they do this is via the Puget Sound Farm Guide which is a treasure trove unto itself if you are looking for farms to buy from. This pamphlet has an extensive list of farms in the Puget Sound area. It summarizes the products they sell, provides information and descriptions of these farms, harvest celebrations and special events, and contains information on all of our local Farmer’s Markets. The 2013 guide should be out in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes out for it. (You can also find it at http://www.pugetsoundfresh.org/farm-guide-news.asp or contact CHC for more information.) Another great tool for consumer education is one of their programs called Puget Sound Fresh which has searchable listings of local farms and farm products, what’s in season, recipes, etc. Check it out at www.pugetsoundfresh.org

Cascade Harvest Coalition has other programs devoted to getting local farm fresh food to consumers, and even a program to help preserve farmland by keeping it in the hands of farmers and providing farmers with a solution to owning their own land. I would highly encourage you to check out their website to learn more www.cascadeharvest.org Educating yourself on why, how, and where to buy food produced from local farmers is invaluable and it’s an important step in eating healthier foods. 

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