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Pig Pig

Posted 9/23/2012 4:51pm by Monique Russ.

Me & Pig Pig'

Miss Pig Pig farrowed (delivered) 13 live babies this past Saturday. YEA! This is her biggest litter yet! Last time she farrowed 10, and that delivery was a little tougher for her as two babies were stuck in the canal together.

Yesterday evening we noticed one of the baby pigs went missing, and we quickly discovered that one died. We are assuming that it was accidentally smothered by Pig Pig becasue it was covered with straw. My first reaction was to get mad at her for being so careless, but then I reminded myself that she really is a good mom, and this is only her second loss. Baby pigs like to snuggle right up against their moms, and she's a big girl weighing roughly 650 lbs and with her udders so full of milk it takes a little momentum to get up.

Now Pig Pig isn't as delicate with her piglets as her mom was, but she's still an excellent mother. She always warns her babies before she gets up with a soft grunt or a movement, but since we don't confine our sows to farrowing crates it can result in a loss of a baby pig ocassionally. We would rather endure the risk of losing a baby pig than confine our sows because farrowing crates are awful. I'm going to do another post on the use of farrowing crates at a later date, but to summarize it, the use of crates is a hideous practice.

Momma and babies are all doing great, and soon they'll be out running around.

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